About the Foundation


Education is a fundamental human right and is the key to living a prosperous and independent life.


The mission of The Damazo Majak Foundation is to provide educational services to Africans, whose lives have been affected by war, poverty, and HIV/AIDS. The Damazo Majak Foundation works to build new schools, upgrade existing ones, and establish Community Learning Centers. Our goal is to empower Africans to take full control of their lives, become self-sufficient, and determine their own destiny.

The Damazo Majak Foundation provides scholarships, pays for school uniforms and supplies, for children who would otherwise be unable to attend school and get a basic education. We also contribute to the development of African communities, through our Community Learning Centers, which provide community members with opportunities to learn new skills, establish community enterprises, and enable Africans to take the lead in the development of their communities.




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